Legacy Wellness Co

LaKeisha A Entsuah

I am first and foremost a wife and  mother of three beautiful girls. I’m a native of Philadelphia and my family and I live in Montgomery County, Pa

My passion for wellness is a byproduct of lessons from my grandmother who was a believer in God and herbal medicine for healing. She would say, “The kitchen is my pharmacy” and while it didn’t always taste good, it always worked. While I don’t believe that things have to taste bad to be good for you, I do believe that our health is a function of what we do daily.

My belief in the need for rest is rooted in my faith yet with the backing of decades of science. Together they informed the creation of every book, program and presentation that I give. It is the way in which I live my life and raise my children.   Wellness is a lifestyle not a destination and I am on a mission to help as many people as possible discover that truth.

More About Me


  • I spent 12years working for pharmaceutical and clinical research organization in quality and corporate training. 
  • I started a beauty brand six months after having my first child and ran it for 8 years.
  • I’ve written a devotional and two journals focused on self care.


  • I studied psychology in college though I have never used the degree proffesionally
  • In 2022 I earned a certificate in Medicinal Plants
  • I am a trained herbalist


  • I was born and raised in Philadelphia and still live in the area today . 
  • My husband and I met at work 
  • I’m a twin mom with a total of 3 children.