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LaKeisha A Entsuah

Hi, I’m LaKeisha A Entsuah. As a millennial with over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, I’ve perfected a unique set of strategies to help women leaders achieve greater work-life balance. I utilize my background to help organizations create efficient, streamlined systems and processes.

My expertise in systems and processes has helped my clients eliminate chaos, streamline their businesses or organizations to increase efficiency, and focus on important initiatives.

In addition to my experience in quality operations and corporate training, I also have 10 years of experience running a small business. All of which help my clients reach their goals. I empower these women by giving them practical solutions and the support they need to manage their businesses.

I believe that work/life balance is crucial to the success of any business. I use my own approach to life to inspire my clients and help them increase their productivity without burning out. I spend my free time at home with my family or enjoying the company of friends.

More About Me


  • I spent 12 years working for pharmaceutical and clinical research organizations in quality operations and corporate training. 
  • I started a beauty brand six months after having my first child and ran it for 8 years.


  • I studied psychology in college though I have never used the degree professionally
  • In 2020 I earned a certificate in Women’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • In 2022 I earned a certificate in Medicinal Plants


  • I was born and raised in Philadelphia and still live in the area today . 
  • My husband and I met at work 
  • I’m a twin mom with a total of 3 children.