Hi, I’m LaKeisha A Entsuah. As a millennial with over 15 years of operations experience. Over the years I’ve perfected a unique set of strategies to help women leaders achieve greater work-life balance while building sustainable businesses.

My expertise in systems and processes has helped my clients eliminate chaos, streamline their businesses,  increase efficiency, and focus on what is most important to them.

My experience in quality operations, corporate training, and entrepreneurial ventures, including eight years running an independent beauty brand, equips me to help my clients reach their goals. I empower my clients with practical solutions and the support they need to manage their businesses, all without subscribing to toxic hustle culture.

Work/life balance is crucial to the success of any business. I use my own approach to life to inspire my clients and help them increase their productivity without burning out. I spend my free time at home with my family or enjoying the company of friends.

LaKeisha A Entsuah, Chief Operations Strategist