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Give Me A Day - I'll Give You The Roadmap For Your Dream Business

You feel like you deserve a business built on your terms, not the world’s.

Commuting, long hours, meetings, paperwork, and deadlines – it can all become too much.

Are you ready to have the business you want? Are you ready to fulfill your purpose? I promise to guide you through the mastermind process every step of the way. In this intensive half-day session, I’ll give you the right tools and strategies and help you create the freedom and lifestyle that you deserve.

Let’s find the service plan that is right for you and your business!

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Hi! I'm LaKeisha

Life is complicated, and running a business can be, too. But achieving your entrepreneurial dreams while balancing your career and family shouldn’t overwhelm you. 

I’ve been in that place where you feel as if there is no way to continue running your business or climbing the corporate ladder without sacrificing family time—but now I’m on the other side. Let me help you create a business love so that you too can enjoy life!

Throughout my career, I’ve accumulated a diverse set of skills and experiences that allow me to reduce chaos in your business and your life and help you thrive.

LaKeisha A Entsuah - Founder