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Simplify Your Life By Simplifying Your Business!

Are you a female entrepreneur or a leader of a non-profit organization seeking to bring order and harmony to your bustling world? Look no further! I am a strategic operations consultant dedicated to empowering women-led small businesses and non-profits. My mission? To eliminate chaos and transform your organization and life into a well-oiled machine. With my expertise in streamlining systems, I can help you skyrocket efficiency and reclaim precious time freedom. Together, we will unlock the potential of your venture, paving the way for unparalleled success. Get ready to embrace the power of strategic operations and unlock a world of endless possibilities.

Hi! I'm LaKeisha

Life is complicated, and running a business can be, too. But taking care of yourself while raising a family and working to achieve your dreams shouldn’t feel overwhelming.

I’ve been in that place where you feel as if there is no way to continue running your business or climbing the corporate ladder without sacrificing family time—but now I’m on the other side. Let me help you create a business love so that you too can enjoy life!

Throughout my career, I’ve accumulated a diverse set of skills and experiences that allow me to reduce chaos in your business and your life and help you thrive.

LaKeisha A Entsuah - Founder

How I Can Help

Define and achieve your business goals for the next  month, quarter or year with our streamlined process

Have a new product launch or fundraising event coming up and you need help planning and managing the project? We’re here to help.

Even your best-laid plans need to be evaluated and updated from time to time. Let me help you streamline, optimize and increase efficiency while decreasing stress.